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What’s Slide Show (S9)?

A free command line tool that lets you build slide shows from your notes written in plain text with markdown formatting conventions. The Slide Show (S9) project also collects and welcomes themes and ships “out-of-the-box” with built-in support for “loss-free” gradient vector graphics backgrounds.

Getting Started in 1-2-3 Easy Steps

Step 0: Install the slideshow command line tool

Use the Ruby package manager, that is, gem to install:

$ gem install slideshow

Step 1: Write your slides in plain text with markdown formatting conventions

Slide Show lets you write your slides in plain text with markdown formatting conventions for headings, emphasis, links, images and more. Let’s write some slides about best practices for web services using REST:

# Web Services REST-Style: Universal Identifiers, Formats & Protocols


- What's REST?
- Universal Identifiers, Formats & Protocols
- The Holy REST Trinity - Noun, Verbs, Types
- REST Design Principles 
- Architecture Astronaut REST Speak

# What's REST?

Representational State Transfer (REST) - Meaningless Acronym? Wordplay?

> rest - n. - peace, ease, or refreshment resulting from the insight that the web works

No matter what vendors tell you - no need to "Light Up the Web" - relax - built on
an **open architecture using universal identifiers, formats & protocols and _evolving_ open standards** -
no need to reinvent the wheel and sign-up for single-vendor offerings.

# What's REST? (Cont'd)

### Narrow Definition

Alternative to BigCo Web Services:

* WS-\*¹ and
* RPC-Style Web Services (XML-RPC)

### Broad Definition

Best Practices for Designing Web Services for a Unified Human and Programable Web

¹: WS-\* =  Web Service Specs including WS-Transfer, WS-Addressing, WS-Eventing,
   WS-Security, WS-Federation, WS-Trust, and many more.

Use headings # to start a new slide. That’s it. For more formatting options see the Markdown reference.

Step 2: Build your slide show using the slideshow command line tool

Run slideshow to build your slide show. The slideshow command line tool expects the name of your source document (e.g. rest.text) and will build a web page (e.g. rest.html that is an all-in-one-page handout and a live slide show all at once.

$ slideshow build rest.text

=> Preparing slideshow 'rest.html'...
=> Done.

Step 3: Open up your slide show in your browser

Open up your slide show rest.html in your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Edge and others) and hit F11 to switch into full screen projection and hit the space bar or the right arrow, down arrow or page down key to flip through your slides.

That’s it. Voila.

Bonus: Try some different templates/theme packs

What’s Markdown?

Markdown is a “markup” language that lets you write your notes in plain text with formatting conventions that have been used in email and online since the beginning of the internet.

About, License

Gerald Bauer and contributors designed and coded the slideshow machinery. See the change log for contributions and credits.

License. The slide show scripts and templates are dedicated to the public domain. Use it as you please with no restrictions whatsoever.

Questions? Comments?

Questions? Comments? Send them along to the wwwmake mailing list/forum. Thanks!

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