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How To Use Gradient Themes for the Built-In S6 Template Pack?

You can define your gradient theme in plain text in the slide show source in the header using a simple CSS-style name value pair (if you use the built-in S6 templates).

Example 1: Use top-bottom gradient theme with the colors red and black

gradient: top-bottom red black

Themes. The built-in predefined gradient themes include: diagonal, top-bottom, left-right, repeat,
radial, radial-off-center, radial-repeat.

Colors. You can use whatever colors CSS supports e.g. pre-defined colors such as red, maroon or self-defined colors such as #0e1f5b, #3b5998.

Example 2: Use pre-defined CSS colors (with default diagonal gradient theme)

gradient-colors: green lime

Example 3: Use self-defined colors (with default diagonal gradient theme)

gradient-colors: #0e1f5b #3b5998

Example 4: Use radial gradient theme and facebook colors

gradient: radial #0e1f5b #3b5998

Example 5: Just change gradient theme and use default colors, that is, red and orange

gradient-theme: repeat

That’s it.

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